Home re-sale value of luxury vinyl plank flooring

Home re-sale value of luxury vinyl plank flooring

The Dallas housing market has seen a steady increase in home sales and so you might be considering trying to re-sell your own home. If this is the case, you may also be thinking of ways to optimize your home's resale value and new flooring should be one of these considerations. There are multiple options available when it comes to flooring, but you definitely want to go for the one that will increase home value.

One thing you want to keep in mind when trying to appeal to buyers with your flooring options is that old flooring is a big no-no. Water damaged hardwood, cracked, or dated tiles. Worn or stained carpeting will turn buyers away faster than you can say ?decreased home resale value?. Old flooring to potential buyers is viewed as an inbuilt cost, meaning they will have to pay more money to replace it even before they can settle in to enjoy the place.

Some homeowners might feel that quick fix for this would be to put in new carpeting. Any potential buyer would probably love to walk into the smell of brand new carpeting and feel like they already own the house. This may be the case but the current housing market has specific tastes that carpeting, unfortunately, does not satisfy.

A few years back wall-to-wall carpeting was like gold in the housing market and it brought in a significant increase in home resale value. Now, modern homebuyers rank freshly installed carpet much lower on the scale even in comparison to some current laminate materials or hardwood. If you want to boost your home's flooring appeal, it is recommended that you install wood floors or even better,?luxury vinyl plank or LVP flooring as a cheaper alternative.

LVP flooring offers a cost-effective yet high-quality result

Wood flooring might be a bit on the pricier side to some people but LVP flooring offers a cost-effective yet high-quality result. LVP flooring products can help you achieve the general desired aesthetic d cor but they are significantly cheaper in comparison to hardwood flooring. Even though solid hardwoods have a long lifespan lasting 10 to 30 years,?LVP flooring can last significantly longer too based on the thickness of the wear (top) layer. Luxury vinyl planks are ideal for any residential space and they are capable of imitating hardwood floors even down to the rain and texture, which is all thanks to technology. A potential buyer with an untrained eye would not be able to differentiate between LVP flooring and real hardwood flooring. Added benefits of considering LVP flooring include dent, scratch, and water resistance all of which contribute to its longevity.

Tile is also guaranteed to boost home resale value and you can find luxury vinyl tile flooring options as well if you find tile is too costly to undertake. Lighter neutral colors have a better resale value so keep that in mind when purchasing the flooring materials. ?LVP flooring offers sustainability in rooms where moisture can present a problem for hardwood flooring such as bathrooms and kitchens. LVP flooring is an ideal alternative to tiles for areas with high foot traffic. It is also easy to clean and maintain while adding a visually pleasing component to any room. However, despite all the good praises that have been sung about vinyl flooring there is still some stigma associated with it and as such, it can bring in little return on investment. It is understandable seeing as vinyl has been around for a long time and people still hold some misconceptions about it. There is hope, however, that as vinyl flooring technology continues to progress, this stigma will disappear and luxury vinyl plank flooring will outgrow this stigma.

When you are choosing new flooring to install in your home, you should always keep the resale value in mind even if you plan to stay for a couple more years before selling. When you make a wise flooring choice for your home it will keep on increasing the resale value regardless of how long you stay. People will always go for a combination of durable and beautiful flooring.

You can go around things by focusing on high-quality flooring materials like LVP flooring in the right colors. Light woods, blues, whites, grays, and other cool tones are very appealing to home buyers at the moment and as predicted to be so for the next 5 years or so.

The consistency of flooring all through the home can also affect the buying price because varying flooring choices can interrupt the flow of your floor plan. You can go about it tactfully by transitioning from say wood to tile in the kitchen to add some style and class for a "wow!" factor.