Here's how a bathroom remodel can reduce your stress

Here's how a bathroom remodel can reduce your stress

A bathroom remodel can help reduce your stress

Imagine your home. The lawn looks great, the paint looks sharp, the furniture is nice and clean; you work like mad to maintain the fruits of your labor. Why continue with the daily routine of stress when you can change your life and take away that stress when you put a little investment in your home with a beautiful and relaxing bathroom remodel project. It's no secret that taking time to relax in a re-designed bath or show can get rid of stress and makes you feel rejuvenated. After all, don't we all desire a little relaxation at home?

When you remodel your bathroom it is very important to look at some of the factors involved with the project. What colors to go with?? What will compliment your adjacent designs?? What about fixtures, faucets, flooring and countertops?? How far you'll want to go with your project can depend on these factors. If you're going to stay at your home for many more years then you may want to consider upgrades to compliment your lifestyle and with which features you personally find enjoyable. If you're doing a bathroom remodel to bring it up to date for a home sale then by all means do what you can to compete with other listed homes in your neighborhood and stay on a tight budget. Now is not the time to splurge on fixtures if they don't provide a return for your sale.

Comparing a Kitchen Remodel to a Bathroom Remodel

Sometimes people think a bath remodel is the same as a kitchen remodel. It's and here's why. You see, with a kitchen remodel project you'll want to take into account how your kitchen is connected to adjoining rooms and the functionality of those rooms on a larger scale.

For example, is the dining room connected or is it separated by a hallway. Depending upon the answer you may go down a path of tile flooring in the kitchen or installing a wood floor like a super popular LVP to blend in with the rest of your flooring. It will depend because your kitchen will be seen from so many different angles and it will be important to have everything coordinate nicely. And remember what you already learned about updating for you to stay versus updating for a sale.

How are they different?? A typical kitchen remodel will include heat and impact resistant surfaces and flooring just in case a large pan is dropped it will most likely not leave a tell-tale mark diminishing the floors beauty. On the other hand, a bathroom remodel will need to include a waterproof floor for all those times getting in and out of the tub and leaving some water behind. Without the best material and manufacturer match for the job the flooring might not last as long and retain its beauty as hoped. But, this is why you really want a remodeling professional to help you in the process of choosing the best floor type for your needs. It can also save you a ton of cash and future frustration for years to come.

What to Consider in a Total Bath Remodel

This is where can get fun. We all get a little excited when looking at new stuff to furnish or update our home. And everybody knows how when the kitchen and bathrooms are updated then the house usually sells faster and for a better price than it might have before if that's your option.

To start, most will look at the flooring. Let's face it; nothing else says WOW like a beautiful new wood floor to compliment the rest of your new bathroom. After the best floor for the best situation is selected, what to do then?? There are cabinets to choose from and top it off with a beautiful marble or granite countertop with a brushed or polished faucet fixture and you have the making of a great little relaxation spot. One more thing to know is lighting. The correct lighting fixture will set off ALL the hard work put into your new bathroom remodel project. It needs to be the correct quantity of bulbs in the right place at the best angle to show off the new floor, cabinets, countertops, etc. There is one thing you might not have thought about and that's the color temperature of the light bulbs.

Different types of lights can have a different temperature and by this I mean the color of the light being emitted from the fixture. Why is this important?? If you had installed a warm and toned down marble countertop, then the correct color temp of bulbs will reflect just that. Otherwise, the countertop can look like it has a yellowish tint and make you believe the installation or selection was wrong when actually it was just a light bulb. Think about it take a yellow bug light and shine it on a blue piece of construction paper; what do you get, green of course. Not as much fun as the old black lights from yesteryear but you get the idea.

Just remember when it comes to a high quality bathroom remodel don't just wander in to the local chain big box store because they will sell you an entry level product every time and you'll know it the first time one of the kids spill juice on it and the joints begin to swell we've all seen that.

Your best bet for the best work and value is your local general contractor who has many years experience in working with and installing those beautiful new luxury vinyl plank floors.

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