What you need to know before remodeling

What you need to know before remodeling

If you have pets, want higher property value or an honest remodeler, read on!

Carpet cleaning is much more effective today, "dry" cleaning uses much less water and more pressure to remove the water. If the stain is in the carpet and not in the pad you will see results from cleaning. If cleaning does not remove the stain or if stains return then consider a new carpet and moisture barrier pad.

Pet odors only come out if you can remove the residue material. Almost all stains come out of the new carpets with a lifetime stain warranty. Odor-causing residue will not get into the pad if you have a moisture barrier pad. New products with the right warranties will last years and provide a cleanable healthy floor.

The best ROI upgrade in your home is wood floors. According to your home value, you should consider wood look tile,?engineered hardwood or solid hardwood. To get the most for your investment use waterproof flooring such as tile. Wood look tile and wood only look good together in rare cases when installed next to each other. Consider using a stone look ceramic or porcelain tile with any wood look. Wet areas are entries, laundry, bathrooms and the kitchen.

If you prefer wood floors, engineered wood offers a significant convenience and price savings over solid hardwood. You choose the exact finish you want. If you have pets stay away from Birch, Walnut or Maple they are soft, look at Hickory or harder woods.

The master bedroom is your next best investment, first wood floors and then the master bathroom. If you have a plastic shower pan consider a new tile shower with shampoo box and accents with frameless shower glass for the best ROI. New countertops are also a great ROI in the bathroom. Try to install countertops in the kitchen, bathrooms, utility room and even the bar area at the same time to save.

Bathroom and kitchen remodels are the best ROI after wood floors. Tile floors, granite or quartz countertops, cabinets, or new doors and drawers or just painting them and wall painting are the most popular choices today

Regarding wood, don't be confused by industry jargon, the Janka Rating for hardwoods only refers to hardness meaningimpressions at a certain pressure not scratching, any wood will scratch. However, we can hide most scratches with matching stain ?magic markers?. We have developed restoration processes for engineered wood, call for details.

Wood-looking tiles are coming down in price, looking very real and are a great way to pet-proof your home but don't mix with real wood floors. ?LVP flooring is even less and great for rentals.

New baseboards are a good ROI for older homes with beat up small baseboards. ?If you are replacing floors then save time and money by upgrading old baseboards in the same project.

Painting prices can vary a lot so discuss the details to be sure of the service and cabinet painting should be left to experts. Cabinet updating is replacing the doors and drawers when looking to update this is cost-effective.

Be careful, there is NO such thing as a 60% discount! The TV in-home salespeople will stay hours until you sign. Big box stores have a revolving door of installers making their installations risky. ?The huge mart prices are way over market prices. Look for a highly referred local company!

We offer honest consultations and craftsmen quality installations!

Our interior remodeling services include but not limited to; painting, cabinet painting, new cabinet doors and drawers, countertops, under mount sinks, any hardwood, baseboards, wood or stone-look tile, carpet, showers, decorative tub surrounds, stone facing and open-concept reconstruction.

And we now offer new kitchen appliances for sale with any complete remodel!