How healthy is your home?

How healthy is your home?

There are floor and wall surfaces that can become toxic over the years!

This is not a scare tactic, it's it's about a healthy home and is very real. It's not just about needy children or the elderly, even healthy adults can easily be affected.

The most common area is old carpet that has a variety of toxins trapped in and below the carpet pad. The industry went mainstream with a solution a few years ago, moisture barrier carpet pad. If your carpet has a lifetime stain warranty and you installed moisture barrier carpet pad then carpet cleaners can clean your carpet. If your answer is NO then they CANNOT clean the carpet. Simply put, a stain and the toxin in the stain are in the carpet pad, whereas, with a moisture barrier carpet pad prevents toxins from entering. When we walk on the carpet without a moisture barrier pad we stir up toxins. We breathe them and they get on our skin. It would make you sick if I told you what is under old carpet and pad.

How to Make a Healthy Home for Your Family

Consider replacing as much carpet as you can afford with easy clean and beautiful hard surfaces. Hard surfaces are hardwood, engineered hardwood,?waterproof laminate,?luxury vinyl plank, and tile. If you prefer or just want the warmth of carpet, make certain you specify moisture barrier pad and lifetime stain warranty carpet. There are several types of moisture barrier pad, here is one.

Just as bad, the mold we clean off the shower wall grows in the wall over the years. Mold has been found to cause all sorts of illness. The only solution we have today is the complete removal of tile, wall boards, and shower pan to ensure the mold is eradicated. Fortunately, it this works, and the new shower designs help increase property value. A shampoo box built into the wall helps cleaning, a bench can be a great feature, current shower pan liners are thicker and larger and frameless shower glass is beautiful.

Part of a Healthy Home is a Healthy Shower

Shower remodels give home buyers the assurance of a healthy home. A good ROI is guaranteed for a proper shower remodel. Wherever there has been moisture if you did not clean it up quickly there can be residual and can cause damage. We can test for moisture in the slab, walls and building materials. Get a consultation from a professional and be assured you can have a healthy living space and gain peace of mind.

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