Why Buy Your Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring from a Flooring Professional Instead of A Big Box Store

When you are choosing luxury vinyl plank flooring products, you need to think about certain factors such as your budget, the room it will go in, the room décor, the foot traffic, and the expected wear and tear. Since you will have to keep all these considerations in mind, you need to make sure you are buying the best quality of LVP products for your home or office. You may be wondering whether to buy your LVP from a big box store as opposed to flooring professionals just to save a few more coins on your purchase. Sure, it may cost less to buy and install but how much will it cost you down the line when you have to do repairs to compensate for buying low-quality flooring products.

So why should you buy from a professional flooring company instead of these big box stores when it comes to luxury vinyl plank products?

Big box stores usually do not carry brand name LVP flooring as they typically deal in flooring specifically made for them. This means you might not be buying LVP products that are as good as those you would have chosen from your local flooring expert. Even if you find a recognizable brand name to choose from at a big box store, it might still be exclusive to the store in that it is only made for them. The reason is that big box stores have strict criteria when it comes to their pricing so even the luxury vinyl planks with a fancy logo and name had to be manufactured at discount prices with discount price materials. This ensures that the manufacturers do not lose money selling their high-quality goods at a loss.

When it comes to big box stores and their warranties, you may not be assured that they will honor them regardless of the warranty period. This is because they can afford to replace their management, their policies, and their suppliers as frequently as they see fit. You may go to ask about the warranty for the LVP flooring products you bought from them only to be told that they now do things differently or that management policies regarding the same have changed. You will not be able to do something about it either because it will not be worth the hassle. When you buy your luxury vinyl plank flooring from a flooring professional you’re getting the best of service and products because your local flooring expert probably has more to lose in terms of reputation. Therefore, you are assured the warranty will be honored.

Big box guys might only have a few hours of experience and training in installing LVP flooring

Big box guys might only have a few hours of experience and training in installing LVP flooring and they may not make it a priority to finish your flooring job efficiently and quickly. A local flooring professional will have a team of professionals who are dedicated, experienced and properly trained. This means that he or she will ensure your new LVP flooring is installed perfectly.

Buying your luxury vinyl plank flooring from a big box store may be easy on your wallet but you are better off going with flooring professionals instead to save money in the long run. You will also get peace of mind during the whole process of installing your LVP flooring.  Quite simply, buy your luxury vinyl plank flooring from a flooring professional for the best in quality, service, and peace of mind.